Develop These 10 Characteristics and Change Your Life


What would be your dream life? What would be your dream career? If you could earn a living doing anything you wanted, what would it be? What does your ideal, dream body look like?…


These are questions I never thought about previously. Somehow, problems and what I don’t want seemed to take up most of the space in my thoughts and mind.


If you went and knocked on houses in your street, door to door and asked, what is your life goal? How many people do you think would be able to have a definate answer? Statistics say it’s less than 5%.


If your one of these people, then one of the best things you can ever do for yourself is decide enough is enough, and take drastic action to change the course of your life.


One of the best book’s I have come across is ‘The Neuropsychology of Self-Discpline.’ Although the title doesn’t really do the book much justice, don’t let it fool you.


This is a GREAT book. It basically breaks down into steps and shows you how to reach your ultimate goal; in a practical and workable way.


One section in the book shows the 10 most common characteristics that all great and successful people have. Just knowing these 10 characteristics and working on them will give you a HUGE advantage in reaching your goal; no matter what it is. So here they are…


1) Strong and Well Defined Sense of Purpose


achievment characteristics


Simply put, this is knowing what you want to do and have. Ask yourself what do I really want? What area of life do I really want to improve?


  • Columbus wanted to, “Prove the world was round”.
  • Henry Ford wanted to, “Put the world on wheels.”
  • Andrew Carnegie (A poor boy who went on to create and own Americas steel empire) wanted to, “Spend the first half of his life accumulating money and to spend the last half of his life giving it all away.”
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to be, “The highest paid actor in Hollywood.”


This list could go on and on…. You will find that ALL successful people know exactly what they want in life and what they want to do. Did you notice they all had BIG goals? Don’t make your goal small. Reach for the stars. The worse thing you could do is aim too low and hit your target.


2) Finding and Emulating an Inspirational Role Model


achievement characteristics


A role model allows you to model the success of another person and it cuts down the learning time needed to attain your goal significantly. Modelling is not ‘copying’ someone.


You need to let your individuality shine. Modelling is taking someones good traits, habits, characteristics and then applying them to your life. These role models don’t have to be people you know. They don’t even have to be alive for that matter.


  • General George Patton’s (one of the most successful generals of the United States Army) role model was Alexander the Great. He read and learned everything he could about Alexander’s tactics, personality and traits; then Patton modelled them himself.


  • Alexander the Great modelled Hercules. He learned everything he could about Hercules and then modelled his behaviours and characteristics.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger modelled the body builder and actor Reg Park.


3) Sensory Rich Vision



Visualisation to me is the most important aspect. All successful people have the ability to visualise, in great detail, the end outcome of their goal. People like Nicola Tesla, Oprah Winferry, Jim Carrey, Will Smith and many more vouch for creative visualisation. If you would like to know more you can read the previous post- “Proof that visualisation really works”.


4) Ability to Focus on Positive Aspects Only



Many of us are unable to concentrate our focus on positive aspects. We routinley think about the negative aspects of life; which creates anxiety, worry, and fear.


Successful people have the skill of keeping their focus on the positive aspects and are almost oblivious to failures. I have to say that Trump is a master at this characteristic! Successful people see failures as opportunities to try another approach or learn something new.



5) Unshakeable Belief in Themselves



All successful people have incredible self assurance and believe in themselves more than anyone else. This comes down to creating a positive self image. Self confidence is a worthy trait to develop for all aspects of life.

6) Ability to Plan




Successful people plan their time and make the most use of it. They have the ability to set goals and take daily steps towards them. This is a reason why keeping a journal is an enormous benefit to you.


A lot of us have jobs, family commitments and so on. We think that this is a reason to not persue a goal. We say things like, “I will when I have more time.”


NEWSFLASH: The one thing we dont get more of is time. We only get 24 hours in the day and we all have the same amount. Every second that ticks by, is gone forever. Our time on this planet is limited. Successful people make it work. Even if that means waking up an hour early to work on a goal or going to sleep a little later, they find a way. So don’t wait around for more time, use the time you have more effectivley.

7) Ability to Aquire Needed Knowledge



All successfull people have the ability to aquire knowledge or find the people that will help them toward their goal. They are constantly learning. They are able to use all the resources available to them effectivley. These are things like the internet, books, classes  and audio cds.


They have an aggresive thirst for learning. As I mentioned before, Arnold Schwarznegger wanted to be the highest paid Hollywood actor. He was ridiculed and told it was impossible because he had broken English and didn’t even know how to act!


Did it stop him? No. He aqquired the needed knowledge and used his time effectively. He didn’t have much money and he worked on a construction site in the day. He then took acting classes at night after work.


Result? He became the highest paid actor when he starred in the movie “The Terminator”.


8) Virtue of Patience



Successful people do not worry about time. When you are on the path to reaching a life goal, time becomes irrelevant. They are completley obsorbed in what they are doing and their focus is on winning.


Unsuccessful people have the bad habit of instant gratification. This means they need to see results straight away. Thats why many unsuccessful people do things like drink heavily or only take on tasks for an insant reward. This gives them instant pleasure.


Successful people understand patience and time. Everything in nature takes time. From the creation of a baby in the womb to the growing of a seed into a plant.


8) Persistance and Determination



Success is not dependant on talent or genius. There are many unsuccessful geniuses and talented people in the world. So what determines success?


Determination and Persistance in life. Successful people march on through all adversity. They stick to something and see it through to the end; this is where the success lays. They dont give up at the first sight of failure.


The Best Example of Persistance:


When Soichiro Honda (Honda Motors) was starting out as an engineer, his design of a new piston ring was rejected by Toyota. This was a major blow as he spent years of planning and designing on this invention.


He then scraped together what little money he had to open a little factory for himself. Then guess what happened? That Factory was bombed during the war.


After finally rebuilding it with very little money and resources, it got bombed again!


Did he give up? No. He rebuilt. He started collecting surplus gasoline cans discarded by US fighters which became the new raw materials for his rebuilt manufacturing process.


Then guess what happened? An EARTHQUAKE struck and levelled his factory again. Leaving him with nothing (talk about set backs!).


After the war, an extreme gasoline shortage forced people to walk or use bicycles. Honda built a tiny engine and attached it to his bicycle to get to and from work.


Family members wanted one, then his neighbours wanted one, then their friends… and then more people. Honda found a rapidly increasing demand for his ‘little bicycle with a motor’.


Where did his persistance and determiantion get him?


Today, Honda Corporation employs over 100,000 people in the USA and Japan, and is one of the world’s largest automobile companies.


10) Experiencing Pleasure When Working



Successful people love what they do. They don’t work a day in their life because to them, it is not work. They take pleasure in persuing their goals.


To them the satification from acheiving a goal doesn’t come from the end result, but from the process involved. Happiness comes with working and doing something you believe in.


Don’t be stuck in a job you hate forever. Spend your spare time on developing a skill or hobby that you love untill eventually you can make that your full time job. Life’s to short to dread going to work everyday. The only way it can change is if YOU fix it.



“The Neuropsychology of Self Discilpine is an excellent book. I highly recommend reading it. Whatever your goals are, training goals, financial goals, relationship goals etc..


I truly believe you will get great use from this book, just like I did. If you take on board and use the knowledge given to you in this book, you will open up new doorways in your life that you never knew exisited.


I would schedule 30mins- 1 hour a day to read/listen to this book in peace. Don’t forget to take notes! Reasearch has shown that the memory retains more information when you write down something you have learned!


You can find the audio version on youtube below, if you prefer to listen instead.




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