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7 mistakes newbies make when punching


Unfortunately, in today’s world, we can get into situations where we are forced to defend ourselves. You don’t need to be a professional boxer to be able to throw solid effective punches. There are many ways to defend yourself, but punching always see’s to come naturally to the mind of men (unless you are an experienced martial artist).


Whilst there are many people that will be fortunate enough to never get into a bad situation where they are forced to defend themselves, there will be many people who find it unavoidable. Knowing how to punch can be a valuable skill to acquire.


As I previously said before in the post ‘Boxing for newbie’s- the two main strikes’, it’s better to know it and not need it, than to need it and not know it.


Here’s a list of  7 Fundamental Mistakes Newbies Make When Punching;


1) Not Looking at the Target When Punching



I’ve seen many fights in my life. And I can say that at least 90% of the people fighting miss their target so badly it seems like they are fighting blindfolded. This is due to the fact that when in a combat situation, the adrenaline is so intense that the thinking mind is put on hold and the survival mind kicks in (and maybe because the majority of them were as drunk as a skunk).


This causes a person to rush to the punch like Usain Bolt did to the 100m finish line in the Beijing Olympics. You need to slow the pace of the mind and actually ‘LOOK’ at the target you are striking whether it’s the chin, jaw or temple; this will GREATLY increase the chance of landing the punch. Don’t swing crazy wild punches from impulse.


2) Stopping to ‘Take a Picture’



The majority of newbies throw a punch then they ‘take a picture of it’. What is meant by this is that after they throw a punch, they stand and watch to see what type of effect the punch had. If you watch professional boxers you will notice they very rarely throw one punch. There’s a simple reason for this.


The more punches you throw, the better your chances of landing. When you throw a punch it is your opponent’s natural reaction to throw punches back. If you’re not following up your punch with more punches, then make sure you follow up with movement.


In other words, get out of the line of fire. Whatever you do, don’t stand and take a picture; or the picture may very well be a selfie with your ass on the floor. Always keep this phrase in mind ‘punches in bunches’. You can check this post out for some good punching combinations- 6 Devastating Knockout Combos for Newbies- learn From the Old School


3) Dropping the Opposite Hand When Punching



One common mistake newbies and even some professionals make which causes them to lose a fight is forgetting to keep their opposite hand up when striking. When you throw a punch ALWAYS keep the hand you are not punching with protecting the side of your face. This makes it more difficult for the opponent to counter punch you.


When you throw a punch and leave the opposite hand down, you are leaving your entire head ‘open’. This is a perfect situation for your opponent to throw a strike back and land a solid punch to your face. So don’t give the fight away by leaving yourself ‘open’ to the opponents strikes.


4) Pulling the Punch Back Slowly



Beginners tend to put emphasis on power, speed and explosion when throwing their punches (which is a good thing), but they bring their hands back to protect their heads very slowly.When you throw a punch it is imperative to get it back to protect your face as fast as possible. You should retract the punch with as much emphasis as you threw the punch.


Not only will this protect you from counter punches but it will also give your punch a cracking effect similar to that of a whip. This cracking effect with sufficient follow through will cause a lot more damage when it lands.


5) Bending the Wrist When Throwing a Punch



The amount of people that end up with a bandage around their wrist after getting into a fight speaks for itself. When you throw a punch always make sure to keep your wrist straight. Landing a punch with a bent wrist can sprain or even break it.


Newbies tend to bend their wrists when throwing hooks to make sure they land the knuckles on the target. Do not do this. Instead, move your elbow to align your knuckles to land with the target; making sure the wrist is always straight.


6) Holding the Breath When Throwing a Punch



Don’t hold your breath when punching. This will not only make your tire quicker but it will also zap the power out of your punch. Exhaling explosively through the nose or mouth with every punch will enable your punches to be more explosive.


7) Swinging the Arms for ‘Power’




Nearly all newbies swing their arms similar to a windmill when punching, for ‘power’. This not only leaves you open to counter punches but you miss the chance of using your true real power. The power of your punches comes from your hips turning side to side (that sounded a bit like Mr. Miyagi! ‘siy to siy’).


When you turn your hips as you punch you transfer your body’s weight behind the punch. This improves the power GREATLY. You should always practice using your hips when you punch. The better you get at it, the more powerful your punches will be.


So there are the 7 fundamentals mistakes newbies make when punching! Make sure you don’t make these mistakes. Practice the correct form and you will find the effect of your punches greatly increase.


Did I miss any out? If I did let me know in the comments. If you need any further advice feel free to email me


Enjoy the rest of your week!






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