Hello, my name is Kamal. I am the creator of Modest Dragon Fitness.


This is a blog dedicated to helping men and women reach their very best physical, mental and spiritual health.


My goal is to educate, inspire and motivate you into being the very best person you can be, by sharing honest advice and knowledge that I have aquired (and still aquiring) over time.


If I’m successful you should feel stronger, faster, healthier and a lot more confident.


The Power of Your Mind


Modest Dragon is a fitness site with a twist. It is not just a place for you to learn and understand physical training techniques. It is also a place for you to understand and develop the inner power of your own mind.


I believe that everyone has the capability to change whatever they want to in all areas of their lives such as health, wealth, relationships or anything else.


We all have a very powerful machine and that is our own mind. Through personal experience I have learned that our minds have the ability to attract circumstances and oppertunities for our benefit (and even to our dismay), once we learn how to use it properly.


This is one reason why many people who try to change their physique fail. Big changes do not come about until the mind has shifted from the previous way of thinking to a new way. I first learned this through working out.


about-modest-dragonWhen I was younger, I wanted to gain some muscle and lose fat like most teenagers. I attended a gym and observed others around me. This resulted in me winging my training routines. I had no goals and as a result, I got nowhere. I got frustrated with all the contradicting information and found that I was just wasting my money at the gym, I decided enough was enough.


So I went back to the drawing boards, this time with a dedication to building usable muscle and getting the results I wanted.


A strange thing happened during that period. My mindset of working out started to change. My attitude and belief system started to change in what I thought was possible for me. I experienced a surge of consistant motivation and will power that I never felt before.


As a result, I made more progress in one year than I did in 8 years of working out at the gym. By shifting my mindset using various techniques, I finally got the results I wanted and it seemed easy and effortless. The shift in mind set was the main reason for my success in training. Once my mind had changed, results followed very quickly. Many people still spend 100% of their time on changing external things like workout routines or trying new businesses. The problem is that most fail because they neglected the main part which is a internal change in mindset.


What You Can Expect From Modest Dragon Fitness


As well as awesome training techniques and workout routines, you will find many posts on how to develop a successful mindset for all areas of your life such as business, relationships, career, finances or health. Once you have the ability to control your thoughts and emotions, you will be the captain of your own ship and controller of circumstances.


It hit me this year the amount of people experiencing the same problems in developing the right metality and workout plans as I had previously encountered.  Thatys why I started Modest Dragon. I am going to put together useful, straight to the point information for everyday people who are interested in learning how to crush their life goals and develop an amazing physique.


If any of the above seems like something you would like to get involved in, I would love for you to join me on this journey. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, male or female, young or old. Continuous learning is the key to life’s progression. Through the right mentality and understanding of the right processes we have the ability to reach any of our goals or desires. No matter how big or small.


I believe our minds have the ability to change any circumstance we may find ourselves in and I’m set on showing you how you can use it to your own benefit. If you need any help or advice you can email me anytime and I will do my very best to help you. In fact, I take great pleasure in helping people, as I know how rewarding it was for me to finally make progress.


So what are you waiting for?  Bring out your inner dragon today!