No Gym? No Problem- Beginner Callisthenics Workout Level 2!

calisthenics workout


You might be one of the eager beaver’s thinking,


“C’mon Kam, wtf give me something harder?” when I posted the Callisthenics Bodyweight Workout Level One.


If you were, well you’re to be congratulated, as you’re obviously not a level one beginner… but trust me, itĀ gets harder.


The only way to get up to the elite level like Frank Medrano in the video below, is by going through the phases and building up a solid foundation.


If you can fully complete level 1 with ease, you are now ready for level 2;


This workout is level 2 of the beginner workout (yes still at the beginner stage!).


It’s essential that you’re able to fully complete 4 cycles with PERFECT form of the level one routine before moving up to this one.


Callisthenics Beginner Workout Level 2


5 Full Range Pull ups (from a dead hanging position, pull till your chest touches the bar).


10 Walking Lunges (5 on each leg).


10 Leg Raises (make sure your feet don’t touch the floor).


8 Push Ups (keep your back straight and go all the way down- no cheating!)


12 Squats (bend legs past the parallel level- ass to the grass style).


8 Half Burpees (from a push up position, push with your feet and tuck your knee’s to a crouching position. Then jump back to the push up position).


Take 10 seconds rest after each exercise and 3 mins at the end of each cycle. The work out shouldn’t take you too long to complete. Once you can complete this workout with ease you’re ready for level 3!


Some Motivation


Below is a video of one of the baddest callisthenic trainees I’ve come across- Frank Medrano. Check him out!




If your interested in purchasing a body weight program check out the “Body Weight Burn” review over at Man Vs Weight. Although I haven’t tried the program myself, Steve from Man Vs Weight has written a great in depth review of the program…


How long does it take you to complete the beginners callisthenic level 2 workout? Let me know by dropping a line in the comments below.



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