Try this for Just 14 Days and See the Difference


As evolution has progressed we have developed in leaps and bounds. We can now fly the skies, navigate the seas and talk to and see people hundreds of miles away. It’s a no brainer that we are living in a time of great opportunity and luxury.


Although we have all this going for us, most of us still live in fear and worry. In our cavemen days our minds developed the sense of fear as this kept us alert to predators and ensured our survival.


However, we no longer run the risk of being eaten by an animal in today’s world. So what does our mind do with this built in instinct of fear? It has directed our instinct of fear to things of a petty nature which actually holds us back and suppresses our existence.


We worry about our jobs, people’s opinions, old age, trying something new and failing etc. This stops our true nature of creativity and advancement,  but that is another subject within itself.


I want to discuss today the impact that our new lives have on our body. Our bodies are sophisticated machines that were designed to hunt and gather. We no longer need to carve out a spear from a branch, run around most of the day and hunt food.


We no longer need to climb trees to pick fruits and berries. Our local Wall Mart (or Asda for us British folk) has ensured we can access food ALOT easier.


The Box



If you think about it we are now living the ‘boxed’ life from the second we awaken. We wake up and eat out of a cereal box, we drive in a box car, we get in a box elevator, we sit in a box office, we eat lunch out of a box, we get back in the box car, go to our box house, watch our box TV and then  rinse and repeat.


This definitely has had a great deal of negative impact on our bodies and life because we were not designed this way. It causes us things like illnesses, diseases, lack of energy, lack of vitality, lack of creativity and lack of willpower.


There is one simple, but very powerful thing we can all do to help combat these negative impacts from our boxed existence. It is so simple I regret not doing it earlier.


Immediately taking a walk upon waking up.


There are a basket of benefits that come with walking as soon as you wake up. It’s something you should honestly REALLY consider. I wouldn’t write a post on Modest Dragon Fitness that I believed would not benefit you a great deal.


I decided a while back that I was going to wake up every day at 6am and go for a walk before starting anything in the day. On this walk I would take time for myself.


I would reset my mind and think of all the things that I’m grateful for and all the things I want to achieve in my life. I would simply take time to become aware of my mind, feelings and surroundings.


Too many of us jump straight out of bed, get ready, rush to a job we don’t like and work under someone else’s regime; being told what to say, think, do and how to act. This causes anxiety, worry, fear, depression and a whole lot more because it is not our true nature.


My Experience


When I first started my morning walk I noticed a difference straight away. My mood, attitude and posture changed dramatically throughout the day. Petty annoyances didn’t bother me one bit. I started to feel very different because on my morning walks I started to appreciate life a lot more.



I’m lucky to live in a street with Giant Californian Redwood Trees (the picture above is my street). These tree’s have hundreds of different birds living in them. As I walk up my street at 6am (at this time it is still slightly dark) I can hear all those birds wide awake and communicating.


It literally sounds like a rain forest. I started to appreciate the fact that I am able to take this time and experience life and nature. I started to feel apreciation for even just being able to walk.


There’s a well known universal law called ‘the law of attraction’ which I’m sure you’ve heard of. Many celebrities talk a lot about it like Connor McGregor, Will Smith, Opera Winfery, Denzel Washington and  Jim Carrey to name a few.


The law of attraction states that like attracts like. How you feel is what you attract in your life. It explains that our bodies have a rate of vibration and what frequency we vibrate on, is what we attract to ourself. If you feel good, you attract good things.


Vibration and Feeling



For example, have you ever had the experience of crusing in your car on a hot sunny day, playing your favourite music and feeling the cool breeze flowing onto you. Have you noticed that sort of ‘high’ you feel during that time and for the rest of the day? That’s the high rate of vibration.


If you observe closely you will notice everything going well and not being overcome by worries or fears. The aim is to stay in this constant state of high vibration. Taking time for yourself and walking in the morning raises your vibration and sets the tone for the day, among many other things.


As well as being mentally and emotionally great for you it also has incredible physical benefits.


Here’s a list of some of the awesome physical benefits:


  • Strengthens the heart
  • Lowers risk of disease and diabetes (1)
  • Controls weight (2)
  • Tones and energizes the body (3)
  • Enhances brain function (4)
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Boosts the immune system (5)
  • Keeps stress away
  • Promotes healthy hair and skin
  • Reduces fatigue (6)


You don’t need to run a hundred miles an hour or walk 10 miles a day. A simple 30 minute walk is all that’s need to get the great benefits. I’m not much of a runner myself and I simply walk for 30 minutes in the morning (Although now it has increased to 1 hour, as I really enjoy it).


You can walk with someone else, your dog, or alone if you prefer. It’s such a simple concept that most people think it’s useless.This couldn’t be further from the truth.


I challenge you (yes you) to give it a try for JUST 14 days. Commit yourself to doing it for 14 days and if after that time you don’t see or feel any benefits, then you can stop.


I know that won’t be the case and you will carry on doing it thereafter. It will become a part of your morning routine and your mind, body and life will benefit a great deal from such a small change. The small changes are what leads one to success in any endevour. Waking up the earliest as possible is great if you can.


If your the type to hit the snooze button on your alarm (like me) then here’s what to do:


  1. Have your shoes and coat ready next to your bed
  2. Leave your phone on the otherside of the room (to prevent you from hitting the snooze button)
  3. When the alarm sounds, jump straight out of bed with  no hesitation or thought.
  4. Put on your gear and head for the front door straight away.


Before your brain even has time to talk you out of it, you will be on your way. Whilst on your walk think about things you are truley greatful for like family, friends, experiences you’ve had and the things you have aquired.


Think about what you want to acheive and imagine it. Take time to look around at nature and observe the world as it is carefully. If you do this earnestly you will feel a sense of joy and happiness overcome you. This is when you have altered your vibration and state.


Your day will go very smoothly and problems that otherwise would bug you, will not bother you as they used to. Keep at it and you will notice a huge change in yourself and therefore notice a change in your life. Remember….

Early to wake and early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise – Benjimin Franklin.


Let me know your experiences on these walks, it would be great to hear. Do you already take morning walks? how does is affect your day? Let me know in the comments below.


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