The 5 Foundations to Changing Your Physique

foundation to fitness success


It can get pretty frustrating when you workout and don’t see any results. When I went through the phase of spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, it sometimes felt as though the cards were stacked against me and I thought, ‘maybe I just haven’t got it in me to change my physique.’


I used to wonder what was so different about people that managed to look great and achieve success when it came to working out. What was it that I was doing wrong?


I knew I put the effort in, I worked out pretty hard and I thought I was doing well, but I had nothing to show for it. My body pretty much looked the same, and my strength was pretty much the same after years of training.


Looking back now I understand what makes the difference between the person who works out with little results and the person who advances on a consistent basis.


There is very simple philosophy or set of principles that people who achieve fitness success follow, that makes the difference. The strange thing is that the same set of principles is used by achievers in all fields from business to athletics.


That’s one of the reasons Modest Dragon Fitness has a Mind Set section on the website. I write a lot about the mind as I believe this is the number one reason why people fail to achieve their fitness goals or any desires for that matter.


You can work like a horse in the gym, but if your mindset is the same as before then you will just undo the work you put in. This is exactly the mistake I was making. You will think things like;


  • I’ll just skip working out today it’s no big deal.
  • I’ll eat all this pizza and also have dessert, I’m sure it won’t make much difference.
  • I’ll go out and have some beers this weekend, I’ve worked hard.


All these things are fun and well, but to an unchanged mind, it happens for one day, then one week, then one month and before you know it, it becomes a habit. As I explained in The Fundamental Law to Success, compounding bad choices build up and return to you in the form of negative results. The body and mind are linked, to change the body you must first make a change in the mind.


So, here are the 5 foundations to fitness success and if followed, will lead you to huge success in your fitness goals. 


1) Desire


foundations to success


The first and foremost is desire. People that succeed in their aims have a deep desire for the completion of their aim. It’s not something that they ‘sort of’ want. It’s something they have a burning passion for.  If you don’t really want it, it will show in your results and motivation. Individuals who achieve their fitness desires may not show it, but inside they want it bad, really bad.


2) Plan



To achieve a desire/outcome you need a plan. If you were going travelling for a few weeks you would plan where you would visit, what day you will be there and what you would do whilst there, why? The reason is because with a plan you get the most out of your journey; and you make the best use of your time. Fitness achievers have a solid plan. This plan includes things such as;


  • When they will workout
  • What exercises they will use
  • How much they will eat
  • What they will consume


They don’t just wing it. They spend time beforehand making a pre-determined well thought out plan. You can find a vast amount of information in this age. We are fortunate enough to be in a time where there is internet. We can easily make a plan using the knowledge of people who have already done what we want to do.


3) Focus


foundation to fitness success


The next foundation is focus. Fitness achievers zone in on their plan and desire. They stay focused on what they want to achieve and find inspiration and motivation to keep it a priority. They always find a way to fit their plan into their daily life. If you stay focused on what you want to achieve, then eating junk food, going out drinking or missing workout days won’t be an issue.


4) Awareness




Its crazy how so many people are unaware of what they do. It has just become a habit. This is when the body now controls the mind. Eating and doing what it pleases with no care for the initial goal or desire of the mind. This is exactly what happened to me.


Remember our mind is the boss, our body’s desires should obey the orders our mind gives it, not the other way around.


When you are unaware the mind goes into auto pilot and the body takes control; choosing what to eat and when to eat. Thats why you should constantly be aware of your goals, progress. When you make a choice to just simply be aware everyday and not float on auto pilot, you will find that you will make better choices in eating and working out.


5) Consistency




Consistency is the last foundation, but one of the most important. This is something that can get away from us if we don’t keep our eye on it. Being consistent in following the plan is a major difference in average training and training to achieve an outcome.


I was once told by someone who was extremely well built from bodybuilding, ‘consistency is the key.’ In them days I never really understood what he meant. Now I realise the truth to that statement. There will be times when you can’t workout, lose motivation or lose the will.


These are the times you should work even harder to be consistent. Without consistent effort the results slip away.


The body and mind need consistency from training to make new habits. As I mentioned before in a previous post, habits are like a folded piece of paper.


The creases are old habits that easily fall back into place. With consistent effort you can make new creases that are new habits; they then become easy to follow.


When you workout consistently, it becomes a part of you. Lack of motivation or will becomes nonexistent. Working out then becomes easy and routine to you, which leads you to tremendous results.

Following the Foundations


You will find these 5 main foundations lead to success in all fields not just working out. The 5 foundations are very simple, but very effective. A lot of people who workout with no results are usually missing one or more of these foundations.


Once the mind is trained to follow certain rules, results follow very quickly. I followed these foundations and it led me from getting nowhere to getting results, in a short amount of time. The Modest Dragon Fintness free ebook is based on these principles.


All the plans and routines in the world won’t help you unless you have trained the mind to think in the right way. I learned this the long and hard way, please don’t do the same.The good news is that once you follow the foundations, it becomes very easy to get the results you want.


Do you follow certain rules when working out? What has made the best changes in your results? Leave your comments in the section below. If you liked the post don’t forget to hit the like and share button to share it with people who may benefit from it. Thanks!



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