Why I decided to write FREE Personal Workout Plans

free personal workout plans

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently decided to write a FREE personal workout plan for any of my email subscribers. Now this has the potential to get overwhelming but I am determined to do it.

I know it will help many people that are stuck in reaching their fitness goals or can’t afford a personal trainer. So what made me come to this decision? Read on and I will explain….

What’s the point in knowing things if you can’t help others by sharing what you know?


I asked myself a question once. After thinking about this question I decided to start the Modest Dragon blog. I worked two jobs at the time (one was night shift and one was a day shift). So I left the night shift job.


This was a major pay cut for me, but it allowed me to focus on my passions; fighting techniques and fitness training.


It has also allowed me to share my knowledge through the Modest Dragon website with people like you that maybe stuck in your personal training goals or wanting to learn effective fighting techniques.





I always saw the same teenage kid in the gym. He was a newbie and he used to train alone. From the corner of my eye, I regularly saw him staring at me and my brother working out. When I turned his way he would pleasantly smile at us.


I knew that look, I once had it too. It was the look of someone wanting advice and to make friends. Back then I was quite reserved, and to be honest I don’t spend time talking at the gym; I get in, workout, and leave. I focus on the workouts.


A few days later, I saw this kid again, but this time with a personal trainer. The trainer was telling the kid to do squats. Whilst the kid was doing his reps, the trainer was looking around at other people in the gym and not paying ANY attention to the kid whatsoever. There was no passion whatsoever from the trainer for training this kid.


The kids knees were caving inwards on all the reps (potentially very dangerous), and when the trainer saw this, he didn’t even mention it; let alone correct the kid.


Needless to say, when they went off to perform another exercise the kid was limping and he had clearly injured himself…. This left me feeling extremely pissed off.


Later, I saw the same two people. This time, the kid was doing flies on an incline bench, (laying face down to build the back and shoulder muscles).


He was using a weight that he could barely lift, straining his neck and he couldn’t even raise his arms to a parallel level with the ground. And what was the ‘trainer’ doing?


The same as before; looking around the gym once again at other people.


I wanted to approach the kid and correct what he was doing and explain the mechanics of the movement, but for some reason, the negative voice in my head started talking.


What if he didn’t care? Is it right to interfere in the trainers business? After all, that’s how he makes a living. So I stopped myself from approaching him.


I thought about this kid last night as I slept… I should have gone up to him and helped out. Even if the kid was uninterested in what I was saying, at least I know I tried to help him.


I also thought of the amount of people that are still stuck and either too shy to ask for help or unable to afford a personal trainer.


So I decided to do something about it instead of just thinking about it. I am going to write tailored workout plans/reports for ANY of my email subscribers that want them and for FREE.

Why are you doing this you may ask?


Why not, I ask you?… In today’s world, we always think that we have to do something for something in return. This is one of the reasons why our world has got this way today. I am not asking for any money for this, and there’s no lame sales pitch to some product or anything like that afterwards.


This is something I want to do for the Modest Dragon readers. I’ve done it many times before and helped the people around me, so why not help more people. I will get what I need, which is the satisfaction that I have helped another person reach their goal.


Now, of course, you will need to join The Modest Dragon Newsletter but that is free anyway (and it’s very useful, packed with awesome information on fitness and fighting tips I may add!) Anyhow, it’s necessary and logical as I will need to communicate with you to gather some information to write an accurate plan and also for me to be able to email you the workout plan.

Okay… About the Workout Plans;


Depending on your desired goals; the workout plan will include;

  • A full effective exercise routine based on goals.
  • And the rep ranges needed to achieve the goals desired.


If needed I will also calculate; 


  • Your maintenance calorie level
  • Macro percentages (based on goals)
  • And I will also calculate your plus or minus calorie amount needed for your goals whether it’s to gain weight or bulk up etc.


The Problem;


The thing is I only have a limited amount of time as I also work during the week. I’m not sure how many people will want the report and it has the potential to get very over whelming. So, I will continue to write them for as long as possible.


If you would like a workout plan, simply sign up to the Modest Dragon Newsletter using the form at the bottom of this post or at the top right. I will then send you an email asking a few questions so I can get started on writing your plan.


To write an accurate plan for you, I will need know;


  • Your goal (bulk up, cut down, get stronger etc).
  • How many times a week you train.
  • If you train at a gym or at home.


Also in addition- If you would like a calculation of how many calories you will need to be consuming (and what percentage of carbs, proteins and fats which are known as ‘macros) to reach your goal I will need to know;


  • Your gender.
  • Your age.
  • Your height.
  • Your weight.
  • And your body fat levels (if you know them, if not I can work around that anyway).


So if this is something you would like, just sign up to the newsletter and I will send you an email within the next day asking you a couple of questions so I can get started on your personal workout plan and get you on the way to achieving your goal!



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