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This is my first post of many. I’ve had the Modest Dragon domain name for a while now. Sitting here at 2 am I can’t actually get my mind off the blogging idea. There’s something stirring inside me, telling me to start blogging and stop procrastinating. I’ve finally decided to start the journey of blogging. I don’t know how the idea of blogging came to me, I’m not very computer savvy. I had no idea how to start a blog or a website. I certainly didn’t know about hosting, logo design, front and back end web design. SEO audits etc…


For some strange reason, I took it upon myself to learn. I tend to do things alone. I’m the type of person that won’t ask for help and will keep trying until I succeed. You could say I’m obsessively persistent. One thing I have got is a laser-sharp concentration span that zones in on things that intrigue me. That’s probably why I love martial arts so much because it takes concentration, especially when sparring.


I don’t know where this website or blog is going, but I know where it’s come from.


It’s come from a deep lifelong passion for martial arts, training the body and strengthening the mind. I love to help others feel good, this makes me feel good in return. I’ve done this on a small scale, helping the people around me. I’ve now decided to spread this out further and reach as many people as I can.


Martial arts, combat, fighting (whatever you want to call it) has always interested me. Combat has been around for centuries, it has a mix of excitement and fear, which makes it uniquely interesting. Learning how to increase your speed, power and master your body empowers a person. It gives you tremendous control over yourself including your thoughts and actions.


My Story;


I was born and live in the United Kingdom. I was quite the ‘wild child’ growing up. I am now 28 years old and a very different person to what I was. Drinking, fighting and partying was the usual pass time for me, In hindsight, I was not very happy. I had one experience that changed the course of my life forever. When I was 18 I saw my best friend pass away, this sent me into a state of self-contemplation for many years. After a lot of digging and soul searching, I finally found my real self. I’m now married and I work with people who have a range of different learning disabilities.


Working amongst people with disabilities, whom I now regard as my friends, has changed my life. I have learnt a great amount from observing them and being in their company. I don’t think anyone else could have taught me the importance of love, honesty and courage, as well as they have. I have seen the true power of happiness and unconditional love first hand and feel truly blessed to be working alongside them. It’s made me want to help more people to be a better version of themselves, as there’s always room for self-improvement.


I’ve learnt a whole lot about training and martial arts techniques through trial and error over the years. I’ve been through many different methods of training. I’ve experimented with many different diets. I now have a good base of knowledge built up. I’ve made many mistakes in training and wasted a lot of time. I created this website to make it easier for you guys to learn and not make the same mistakes as me.


This site is for anyone wanting to learn about training, muscle building, fat loss and martial arts techniques. It’s a place for self-learning and sharing ideas with like-minded passionate people. It’s a place for people to start their own journey. Everyone is welcome. Training the body and mind and constant self-improvement is very beneficial to us, as human beings. It helps us to build confidence, strengthen the mind and also keeps us healthy and happy, both inside and out.


So, on we go! …



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