5 Motivation Tips – Get Some Monday Motivation! 4


Thinking about skipping the gym today? Don’t do it! Don’t let the Monday blues get the better of you.



After enjoying the weekend, going out with friends, watching your favorite movies or spending time with family it comes back around all too quickly, the miserable Monday. Most of us are going to work, college or university and suddenly all the tasks we have to get done this week flood into our minds like an overflowing bath.


Traffic jams, late buses, colleagues not pulling their weight, managers being an ass, run off your feet all day, problem with the kids. Most of us are likely to experience some of these Monday mayhem problems. After all this we finally get back home and find some time to ourselves. All we want to do is relax, eat, maybe watch some TV or even lay down for a bit. The last thing we want to do is get up and go to the gym!


It’s all too easy to let your mind get the better of you and say ‘I’ll just skip the gym today and go tomorrow’. Well, I’m here to be that nagging voice in your head and tell you to get your ass up and go. I was once told ‘the thought is worse than the doing’ and it’s totally true.


Once you get to the gym you’ll be training away, relieving stress and working on those fitness goals you have set. The feeling you get after you have finished work will be 100 times better when you finish your training for the day also.


In the evening, you will eat healthier, relax like a hammock on the beach and sleep better. You will also set the tone for the week coming. It’s a win-win situation!




5 motivation tips!


  • Music! Music works wonders when you need to find a little motivation. Blast your favorite songs as you get ready for the gym or on the way to the gym in your car. You can even take some headphones and listen to music as you train (if you don’t already do so).


  • Find a gym partner. For those who train alone, call a friend and ask them to join you. This can give you motivation and drive at the gym. If you’ve already asked a friend to join you, you’re more likely to see it through as you won’t let them down!


  • Watch some YouTube videos of people you look up to. If you have an ideal body shape you want to achieve, search YouTube for training videos. YouTube has thousands of videos on training and you will most defiantly find a little extra motivation from there.


  • Think about your goals. Visualise what your end result will look like. This will give you the drive to go. Think about when you have achieved the fitness goals you want and how healthy and fit you will feel this coming summer!



  • Think about the feeling you will get after you’ve worked out! You will truly be relaxed and the endorphin’s that exercising releases will leave you feeling a lot happier and more positive than if you missed the workout and stayed at home.


So If you were thinking about skipping the gym today, remember ‘the thought is worse than the doing!’


Have I missed any good motivation tips? Do you have any motivation techniques you use that’s not listed? Let me know in the comments below.





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4 thoughts on “5 Motivation Tips – Get Some Monday Motivation!

  • Rahul Asokan

    Yo! Music certainly do wonders. I have had tried it many times when I am not well. Regarding the goals, it would help us having them cleared soon.

    Nice post, Kamal!

    Have a good day!

    ~ Rahul

      • Rahul Asokan

        Yo! That’s it. If you don’t mind, can you please suggest some tips to maintain a healthy life for blogger? Being a blogger myself, I have to sit so much time in a day. Would strongly appreciate if you can leave me some tips.

        Thanks! Have a good weekday.

        ~ Rahul

        • contact@modestdragon.com Post author

          I know how you feel Rahul, sitting down for hours at a desk can certainly impact your health. The main thing is to take regular breaks (every hour ) and stretch in between (maybe go for a 5-10minute walk). Stretching your back, neck and shoulders are most important so you don’t ruin your posture which can lead to neck and back pains. Try to workout 3 days a week. Just for 30-45mins. Do you workout? If not, I would be more than happy to help you with a workout routine that will help keep you fit. Just drop me an email and we can sort out a routine for you! 🙂