How To Protect Yourself In A Night Club – Muay Thai Elbows!



how-to-protect-yourself-in-night-clubs-modestdragonThe night club, a place where people go to let off some steam and loosen up after a hard weeks work. Nightclubs have always been popular and they attract large crowds. I generally don’t go to nightclubs anymore. I used to enjoy going to night clubs in the past, but they just don’t seem to interest me anymore. I prefer relaxing at home on days I’m not working, training or writing articles for you guys.


Night clubs are supposed to be safe places for the average working person to wind down, meet new people or just dance the night away. We all know that nightclubs also have another side to them, a darker side. Unfortunately, some people go out to get drunk and pick on defenceless people.


I have seen some of the cheapest shots thrown at innocent people in night clubs. I’ve also heard the crappiest excuses for this behaviour like, ‘He bumped into me’.


What the heck?! What do people expect when alcohol is mixed with large crowds in small spaces? Some people are as crazy as this horse.




I have also seen a lot worse attacks happen within night clubs. As a result, most people are very wary when going to nightclubs and this can ruin their experience. Fights in nightclubs generally last no more than a minute or two as the doormen will intervene within that time (hopefully).


The problem is, a few minutes are all it takes to get injured. Night clubs are jammed packed and most of the time there is hardly any room to move about. To learn how to protect yourself in a night club you will need to know how to strike in a close range situation.


So I’ve decided to write a few things on close range combat that you can learn from Muay Thai. I love Muay Thai and I believe it contains some of the best forms of stand-up striking in history.


Muay Thai is a martial arts form originated in Thailand. It is referred to as ‘The Art Of 8 Limbs’. This is because Muay Thai uses the fists, elbows, knees, and feet for striking. In this post, I will be talking about 2 of these points that are used for close range situations, the elbows.


Elbows are devastating when used in combat. They are known as ‘The knives’ of Muay Thai. This is because they cause vicious cuts when they land with precision. Elbows strikes can generate a lot of energy in a small space thus knocking someone unconscious. For this reason, elbows should never be misused and should only be used in times of desperate situations. This article is for informational purposes.


There are many different techniques for Muay Thai elbow strikes. Today I will go over 3 of the most basic ones that anyone can apply when in times of need.


The Rear Horizontal Elbow Strike (Sok Tad)


This is one of my most favourite elbow strikes that can generate awesome power. It has the ability to knock a person unconscious and will be your main power strike when landed cleanly.


You can start in the usual boxing stance.  If you are right handed then your right foot will be at the back.


horizontal-elbow-muay-thai-modestdragon1) Raise your left arm and cover the left side of your face for protection.


2) Bring your right forearm up to chin level at a 90° angle.


3) Push off the back foot and twist the hips inwards at the same time throw your elbow straight across your body with your forearm parallel to the floor.


4) As you twist, bring your right hand explosively into the centre of your body tucking under you armpit. This will create more power. It will also create a tight barrier to protect your chin with your shoulder when throwing the elbow.horizontal-elbow-modestdragon


Always keep the left hand (opposite side) up for protection. Do not drop the left hand when throwing the elbow strike.


The strike should land with the bone of the elbow to the jawline chin or temple.


Remember to practice with emphasis on twisting at the hip, bringing your right hand explosively into the centre of your body and tucking it under your armpit.  This is where the power resides.


Rear Slashing Elbow (Sok Ti)


This elbow is one of the most popular elbows in Muay Thai. It can cause a cut to open on the attacker (usually on the forehead) but if landed on the face it can also knock them unconscious.


Stand in the boxing stance.


slashing-elbow-muaythai-modestdragon1) Keep your left hand up, protecting the left side of your face throughout.


2) Raise the right arm so the elbow is higher than your forehead with your hand facing downward.


3) Bend the arm so that your forearm is almost touching your bicep.



4) Push off the right rear foot.


5) Twist your shoulder and rotate your hips inwards.


6) At the same time bring your elbow downwards in a chopping motion in a 45° angle.


Emphasis on the twisting of the shoulder and hips as this is how you generate power.


Aim to land the bone of the elbow in a downwards motion on the head or face area.


The Rear Uppercut Elbow (Sok Ngad)


This is a vicious elbow that can cause a cut or a knockout when landed correctly. It is very sneaky as it travels on a vertical plane upwards under the chin.


modestdragon-uppercut-elbow1) Assume the boxing stance.


2) Keep the left hand up to cover the face.


3) Throw the right elbow up with the arm bent.


4) As you throw your elbow upwards, twist your hips inward and transfer your weight to your left foot. Your hips should thrust out to the left slightly.uppercut-elbow-close-range-modestdragon



Aim to land the tip of the elbow under the chin. If this misses, it should land along the front of the face which can be equally as devastating.  The uppercut elbow is very useful when an attacker is coming at you as his own momentum will add to the strikes power. You must also step forward into a close enough range when throwing the strike.


These 3 strikes should be practiced on a heavy bag. If you have a partner you can practice them on Muay Thai pads or boxing mitts. Always remember to warm up and stretch before practicing these techniques. This will help prevent you from pulling a muscle, especially if your body is not used to moving in this way.


You should practice these strikes until they become second nature to you. Always put emphasis on the pivot/push of the foot and twisting of the hips. This is where the power comes from in most strikes. These 3 techniques can serve you well in times of need; once again they should never be misused.


Let me know how you get on, if you need any further advice feel free to email me or leave a comment.


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