If You’re Serious About It Set Yourself Goals!



This is my first article on mindset. I added a mindset section to the archives because I believe it is a very important component of training and of life as a whole. For many years, I trained without any goals.


Once I started to set goals for my training and think about how to achieve my goals, my strength, speed and aesthetics dramatically improved. I’ve been reading some great blogs over time on self-development like life optimizer, Zen habits and Positivity blog.


They are excellent blogs with very useful information that we can all apply in our daily living. These blogs and certain book’s made me think about progression in life. One word that came to my attention was ‘goals’.

“Goals turn the invisible to the visible” Tony Robbins.


I love that quote. I read it once a while back and it stuck in my head like glue.


Without goals, It’s hard to know where we are heading . Take an aeroplane for example. They have a goal/destination set in place. Most of the time it gets to the destination it was set to go. Can you imagine getting on a plane with no destination?


That would be a scary experience. The plane would probably crash land on some deserted island somewhere or end up flying around in circles until it ran out of fuel.




That’s what happened to me. I ended up going to the gym and training day in and day out without achieving anything because I had no goals. I was just going around in circles like a headless goose!


Why should we set goals?


Goals keep us going. They propel us forward and make us aware when we are moving off track or backwards. Setting goals helps us break down intimidating aspirations into smaller more achievable stepping stones. Without them, it is too easy to get disheartened and give up on the path to attaining the kind of fitness levels we want. We need to give ourselves the best chance to succeed.


“If you aim at nothing, you WILL hit it EVERY TIME.” Zig Zigler.


Setting goals separates what’s important, irrelevant and a distraction. We can then organise our time and resources efficiently. This leads to us getting the most out of lives. When people go travelling to multiple destinations, most of them write an itinerary of the places they will visit and on which day.


They may then even plan what to do on those days in these locations. This is goal setting. This helps them to create the best experience possible. This is what we should do if we’re serious about training and want to achieve good results.


Goals build confidence on successful achievement. If you’ve ever reached a goal you have set, whether it was big or small,  I think you will agree that it is an amazing feeling, knowing that you set an intention, took the path and reached the destination.


Everyone has different goals. Goals are personal intentions and can be of any size and nature. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, get fit or be better at sports, you should set yourself some goals. All the greatest athletes set goals. Setting goals and working towards them is how they got to where they are today.


If your goal is to lose weight, how much weight do you want to lose exactly and by what date? Saying ‘I want to lose weight one day’ just won’t cut it. Don’t short change yourself, because without precise goals you will find yourself doing other things as opposed to actually trying to lose weight.


Think carefully about your goals and how you will achieve them. If you want to be better at boxing, which punches do you want to improve? Do you want to be faster? What about your footwork? Do you need to improve your cardio? You should think about things in detail and set your intentions.


“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” Earl Knightingale.


How to set goals;


  1. Think of something you want to achieve carefully, then write it down (be as specific as possible).


  1. Map out your goal. What I mean by this is, break your end goal down into smaller steps. For example, if you want to lose weight, the smaller steps may include, I am going to eat healthier, I will go for a 15min walk everyday and I will attend a gym 3 days a week etc.


This sets you a clear path on how to achieve a bigger more intimidating goal of losing a certain amount of weight, in a set time frame.


  1. Stick your goals up somewhere you can see them during the day and at night. This will keep you aware of your goal and keep you from losing sight of it. You can also tell people about your goal. When people know what you are doing this will increase the likelihood of you following it through.


  1. Put on your hard hat and get to work! Start your first step and don’t look back. Keep your ‘eye on the prize’, as they say.


  1. Take some time to celebrate when you’ve achieved your goal. Acknowledge your accomplishment, then onto the next one…


I think a lot more people will be successful, not just in fitness, but all areas of their lives if they take the time to make goals. It should be something we all do. I believe life is about progression and continuous learning, as I said on my about page. We should all set goals if we are truly serious about getting something done or changing a certain circumstance we are not happy with.


My goal for this month is to lose a 3.5pounds of fat. I over ate the past 1-2 weeks and as a result, I feel constantly tired and sluggish. Hopefully, I will achieve this before the month has passed. I will then set myself some bigger goals.


What’s your goals for this month? Have you got any other ways of setting goals? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.





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