The Success System that Never Fails


 success system that never fails

“You always have your headphones on, what are you listening to, music?”


I turned around to see my 18 year old cousin sitting at the dining table in my kitchen watching me as I went to get a glass of water.


“Nah, I’m listening to an audio book,” I replied.


“Cool, are audio books good?” asked my cousin.


“Yeah sure, they give me a chance to learn from a book and have my hands free to get on with tasks that I want to do, you should give it a try,” I said as I gulped down the glass of water in my hand.


“I would, but I get bored easily when listening to them,” he replied with a disappointed look upon his face.


“Well then maybe you’re listening to the wrong book?” I replied as I was about to leave the kitchen.


As I was walking up the stairs, I thought back to when I was his age.


This was my previous thinking at that stage of life;


Books?! Forget that shit, I can think of better ways of spending my time like watching movies or going out and having fun.


I’m sitting here now with a slight feeling of disappointment knowing how wrong my train of thought was. I was most definitely not a book person. I could hardly sit still long enough to read the first few pages of a book.


Little did I know the amount of useful information I was missing out on that could have made my life much easier.


However, that all changed very quickly since I decided to actually do something in my spare time that would give me a sense of purpose. I have come to love reading books.


In fact when I’m not reading books I’m listening to audio books (that’s how I eased myself into reading from years of ignoring them).


I realized that I only ever knew of books that I didn’t enjoy reading. Therefore I found them a waste of time and I got bored shitless reading them.


However, as the book worms out there know, there are thousands if not millions of books on a vast range of subjects that contain gold nuggets of information that can drastically change things in your life like your health, financial problems, relationships or well-being.


One of these books that contains ‘gold nuggets of information’ is called,


“The Success System that Never Fails” by W.Clement Stone.


Who was W.Clement Stone?


  • Clement Stone was a very successful businessman born in Chicago USA in 1902.
  • He was not born into money and had a less than modest start in life.
  • His father died in 1905 leaving his family in debt.
  • At the age of 6 he was selling newspapers in the rough streets of south-side Chicago.
  • In 1918 he moved to Detroit and sold casualty insurance.
  • Stone started his own company with a mere $100. He turned that company into a multi-million dollar organisation.


Stone was the perfect example of how hard work coupled with a positive attitude can change the fate and destiny of a man. Stone then spent time helping others achieve success and he lifted people out of the gutters who were down and out.


Here are some key notes I took from “The Success System That Never Fails.”




The first and foremost step to do anything well is knowing what your goal is and having the desire to do it. If you don’t honestly give a shit about it deep down then you wont do it, or at least you wont do it well!


Stone mentions how desire should be joined to your ambition and intuition. If you don’t know your goal, write it down and re-write it until you have a clear crystallized goal.




To be successful at something you need to develop SKILL at it. Skill depends on 3 key ingredients;


A) Inspiration to action


This is the want to achieve at will. For example, if you want to build a certain amount of muscle and look like a bodybuilder, what motivates you? why do you want to do it? what will it mean for you? These are the questions you should be asking yourself. Get inspired to act.


B) Developing the ‘know how’


‘Know how’ is knowledge applied successfully. By trying things over and over you learn the,


Particular techniques that get results for you.


You learn these techniques when you keep trying. When you keep trying of course you will have some successes and some failures. However if you learn from both you will develop the know-how.


Know-how is doing something the right way, with skill and effectiveness, and with minimum expenditure of time and effort.


C) Gaining activity knowledge


This is the gaining knowledge of the activity through learning.


  • Want to build muscle? Read from information provided in books and online. Learn about muscle development. There’s countless things you can learn about  to help you like mass building diets, macro-nutrients, workouts etc.
  • Want to be a successful salesman? Learn about the product you’re selling, know the ins and outs of what you’re offering like the back of your hand.
  • Want to start a business? Learn about the industry you are entering and customer’s needs and demands of that particular industry. Read about starting a business, get to know the tasks you will need to complete along the way.


You can learn from your own successes and failures but, you should also learn from other people. Learn from people that have accomplished what you want to do!


“Success is achieved by those that try.”


Stone mentions that the people who try are the ones that have the chance to be successful. Never let fear get in the way of trying. This might sound obvious but you’d be surprised of how many people give up before they’ve even tried!


“Do what you are afraid to do and go where you are afraid to go.”


Stone mentions how he first was afraid to go into the big corporate buildings to sell. He would walk past them in fear.


This was a big mistake as later when he finally did enter them to sell, it turned out that they were places where he made a huge amount of sales.


Always do what you’re afraid to do and go where you afraid to go. This will have a huge benefit for your own self confidence and also allow you to explore more avenues for success. (This doesn’t mean walking down some shady back alley at midnight full of crack pots and crazy people because you were previously scared!)


“Pray for guidance, health and support before sleep.”


Some people may not totally agree with this one, but I think that it is important so I have added it in. Stone states that he would always pray for guidance, good health and support before he went to sleep.


“Always keep learning and never stop.”


Success is not a destination. It is a journey. You should always strive to improve what you do and how you work. Don’t give up and don’t take any shit from the doubters. Ignore them and continue growing, learning and getting better.


“With every disadvantage there is always a greater advantage.”


All you have to do is take the time to find it.


“Search for the essence of the thing.”


Essence is defined as, ‘the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, which determines its character.’


Stone says that if you want good health then search for the essence of health and you will become healthy. If you want success then search for the essence of success and you will become successful.


For example, if you want to be successful, search for the characteristics of success and the characteristics of successful people and then model them.


“A man’s philosophy determines his success.”


Your philosophy is defined as, “Your theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.” Have you ever considered yours? If not take the time to build, develop and utilize your own philosophy.


“Check your habits of thought and action, for these have brought you to where you are now.”


Build good habits that will lead you to success. If you want to build the body of your dreams then habits like preparing your meals in advance for the day, reading 10 mins a day on training, eating healthy or getting to bed early so your body can recuperate after training are the type of habits that you should be building.


There is countless valuable information in ‘The Success System that Never Fails.’


For the guy’s and gal’s out there chasing a certain goal you can find the audio book on youtube or you can buy the book from Amazon.


It’s an excellent read and very entertaining. Stone uses a lot of information from his past and explains how he overcame problems and failures. He explains clear practical methods that you can apply to achieving any goal you wish. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of good use from it!


Any thoughts, comments or idea’s on the subject? Let me know in the comment section below!



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