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kamal-gillI’ve been training for a long time now but, for the first few years, I busted my ass in the gym getting absolutely nowhere. Trust me, I know just how much it sucks to work your ass off and see little results (if any).


Once I educated myself on a wide range of training routines, diets and exercises, BOOM everything changed. I started making progress and I was accelerating in my training very fast (I was happy, to say the least). I dropped body fat levels below 10% in less than 5 months and I am able to add lean muscle every month from training. Not to mention my strength also went through the roof.


I realized that 90% of the shit I was doing for those first few years was either wrong or a waste of time. And I also realized that a lot of other people are still stuck and spinning their wheels like I once was.


I’ve learned a heck of a lot on this journey. I started this blogging website in March 2016 because I wanted to help people just like you reach their training goals, create a successful mindset and empower themselves by learning effective fighting techniques (I’ve loved all forms of martial arts training since a young age. From boxing to jiujitsu and everything in between; it’s my passion or some may even say obsession!) So keep a look out for the Modest Dragon emails, I know you will find the information of great use to improve your training and thinking; as I first did when I learned it.


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