Trust Yourself

 trust yourself


When you’re in a slump it can be pretty hard to get out of it. With all the hectic things going on in our lives it’s sometimes easy to forget what we want to achieve and give up on our goals.


It’s too easy to get up, get ready and go to work without thinking about what we want to get out of our day or even our life. If we don’t know and think about what we want we sure as heck wont get it. There is no option of a better life because we haven’t even considered it. Acting like working robots forces us to accept the reality that is presented before us.


I want to tell you something that has probably made the most impact in my whole entire life. And its this, you can’t change whats going on around you until you change whats going on within you.



Trying to change your outside world without changing yourself inside is like standing in front of a mirror. You cant change the reflection in the mirror (your outside world) without changing what you are doing physically in reality (your inside world).


Your inside world is simply your inner thought’s, habits, attitudes, perceptions and feelings. That’s why meditation is awesome, it allows you to dig deep inside and hear your true feelings and desires without all the outside noise of life.


If you want to change your physique, you have to change your mind first. Ask yourself, why are you not the way you want to be? And you’ll find that it’s due to inner feelings, thoughts and daily habits. Change starts with ONE decision.


And I’m not talking about a weak everyday decision like ‘I’m going to go to the gym today.’


I’m talking about REAL decision with pure intention. A decision to say ‘Eff this!’ I’m going to start TODAY to change everything I’m not happy with. Once you have decided passionately and made up your mind, there is no stopping you.


We’ve all probably heard the undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr’s success phrase that he shouts out aloud all the time ‘Hard Work, Dedication.’


To change you need dedication and to be dedicated you need a real reason. A passionate reason. If you have no solid reason you have no solid dedication to your goal. You have to want something bad to be able to go out and get it, come rain, snow or shine.


Life will throw a lot of shit at you on the way, but this is life’s way of testing how bad you want it. It’s not about whats thrown at you, its about how you deal with it and perceive it.


This is true for all areas of your life. If you’re unhappy in anyway whether its to do with finances, work or relationships you CAN change it, the question is WILL you? There is nothing stopping you but yourself.


Use It, It’s There For a Reason


We all have this amazing power we were blessed with when we’re born, and its called willpower. The sad thing is, we hardly ever use it, a part from times of extreme distress and dire need. Then we summon upon it and its always there to be used. There’s a story I once heard that made me think about will power…


The Farmers Wife



A farmers wife who was in her 70’s was at home cooking one day while her husband was out working. Feeling a bit tired and worn out she decided to take an afternoon nap.


She woke up to the smell of smoke and rushed to see that the house was going up in flames. Unable to put the fire out, without thinking, she swiftly started to move all the things she could out of the house.


Later when some men came to help her, It took THREE men to move the things that she had moved by herself!


That is just the tip of the amazing wonders of the human will. There are stories like this happening around the world all the time. We all have used our will power at some point in our life, and its generally when we are desperate. Will power can be called upon and used at ANY time its a gift we were given at birth.


It’s there inside us; always has been and always will be. So if you WILL to change your body or anything for that matter, it WILL be done. We have to just search inside for it, and make the decision to change and action will follow.




“If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If an egg is broken by an inside force, life begins.”



Ask Yourself and Make the Decision


As I said before, I truly believe that anyone can change anything about their life that they want. Even if they don’t know how to just yet. The reason some people don’t change the things they want to, is because they either believe that they can’t or they haven’t made a passionate serious decision too.


“Whether you think you can, or think you cant, you are right.” – Henry Ford.


Forget about when the change will come and focus on ‘why’. When you know why you want it, you will start to work towards it. That’s why visualization is a great tool, you can see what you want and know how it would feel to have that change. This will then kick start your mind into a creative state.


Ask yourself why do you want to lose that extra weight or build that extra muscle? What will it do for you? How would your life be different? How would you feel about yourself?


By searching inside yourself you will find the answers to change things, not by looking for change in the outside world. It all starts with asking yourself what you really want.


Then you should make definite decision and commit to it. You should use your will power to never change your mind, give up or let others discourage you from what you want to achieve. Once you have made that decision, planning your goals will help you reach the point you want to get to.


Goal setting is not the be all and end all of everything, but it is very useful. The reason goal setting is so useful is because it will provide you with checkpoints and land marks along the way so you can see your progression. This gives you more confidence, that what you are doing is right and you are following the right path.


Every journey of change has landmarks. Follow your own path and look for landmarks along the way. These ‘landmarks’ are life’s signs that you are on the right track and when you see them, you won’t need praise or compliments from others to keep you going. Your will power alone will do that. People tend to ignore these land marks or signs, they then give up on their journey because they think they are not getting anywhere.


Don’t get impatient and expect results immediately. Enjoy the journey and fully experience the change that is occurring in your life. If you make a mistake, that’s okay, learn and keep going, but make sure you learn from the mistake and improve. That’s what mistakes are for, so you can improve yourself.


‘Your best teacher, is your last mistake.’




I believe there is no such thing as failure. There are only learning experiences. You can never fail if you don’t let failure enter your mind. There is no such thing as failure, when you think like this you can’t be defeated by yourself.


You are your only problem and your only solution, even if it doesn’t seem that way right now. All the answers you need are dwelling inside you and all you have to do is dig deep and find them.


The reason meditation is excellent for this, is because it gives you the ‘alone’ time you need to study your thoughts, believes, habits, and wants. It lets you explore your mind and decide what you want to do next.


We can all have, do and be what we want, but we have to make the change on the inside to see it on the outside.


I came across this video today, and I think every person should watch it. I wrote a post a few months back ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger top 7 foundations to success in life and training’ and this video sums it up perfectly.


If you are in the process of changing your life and going after your dreams/goals or you are fed up with the way things are going and you are at the cross roads; I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video! It is awesome!!!



Any thoughts on the subject? Leave your thoughts or comments in the comments section below. Please share this if you know anyone who can benefit from the post. Thank you.


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