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In the past, if someone insulted me, I wouldn’t have thought twice about ripping them a new one. Sharp insults would easily shoot out of my mouth like a ninja throwing a Shuriken.


And I would feel no way about it (or so I thought! Keep reading and you will understand). It’s pretty easy to get worked up, angry or vexed at someone who you feel is trying to insult or degrade you.


Naturally as humans we tend to retaliate and fight fire with fire. Maybe right now you’re sitting there nodding your head because this is what you do. I can just hear you right now saying…


‘Stick and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Never Hurt Me.’


How much truth is behind that popular saying? My question is, do words have a greater significance than we may have previously thought?


The Findings of Masaru Emoto


Not too long ago I came across the studies of a famous Japanese researcher named  Masaru Emoto. Emoto studied the effects that music, prayers and words had on water (yes you heard right, water!)


It may sound like a crazy idea or even a waste of time to some, but bear in mind that most of the greatest people in history were never understood until years later; all we have to do is look at Socrates, Galileo, Newton, Pythagoras, Jesus Christ, Luther, Copernicus etc.


Emotos findings were in my opinion… prodigious.


(I’ve been pondering a way to describe Emoto’s findings that would give the results the recognition it deserves; I didn’t want use the standard adjectives like, ‘amazing’ or ‘great’. So I looked up a new word in the dictionary and I’m running with the word prodigious! It means huge or enormous for those who don’t know. We learn something new every day eh?).


So What did Emoto Do?


Emoto got samples of water and put them into 100 petri dishes. Each dish was assigned a fate good or bad. Some of dishes were blessed or praised with words. Others were scolded and slandered.


Afterwards himself and his team slowly froze the dishes, then they photographed them with a dark field microscope with photographic capability.


By the way; not only did Emoto expose water to certain words or phrases he also exposed the water to different types of music and prayers.


And the results? Well I’ll let you judge for yourself…


Above are the results of the water that had been exposed to different positive words and phrases. We can see the beautiful symmetry and different shapes of the crystals similar to snow flakes.


Now check this out…




In the image above, the water was scolded and labeled with the negative words displayed. The results speak for themselves!There is no symmetry and they are pretty messed up! Another interesting one is the images underneath. They show water that was  taken from a polluted river and then the same water that was blessed by a prayer.




Finally, this one underneath shows the effects of two different types of music (classical and heavy metal) on water.




We can clearly see the effects of negative music, and words on the water. This is mind boggling, considering all of us are made up of approximately 70% water!


Can you imagine what we do to others and ourselves when we speak badly or negatively? What about speaking negatively to the people that we care about and love out of anger like, children, friends or family?


If you speak negatively about yourself or others a lot of the time, I’ll leave you to have a think about it. Remember that what we listen too also has a major effect on us; judging by this experiment.


As hard as it has been, I’ve been attempting my best to not speak any negative words. Notice the word ‘trying’ I’m not perfect; no one is.


However, now when I speak to others and about others, I am a lot more aware of the words I say. One huge thing I have noticed when doing this; is that I’m a great deal calmer and  trivial things don’t bother anymore.


My advice is, if someone is bad mouthing you or insulting you, let them. Don’t let them get into your head by listening to it. And definitely don’t retaliate because you are only messing yourself up by doing so.


It will be a hard task at first, if you’re used to a good ol’ war of words, but afterwards you will feel and see the benefits it has on you.


Have you got any thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments section. Don’t forget to share and spread this with people who you know will benefit from it. Thanks!






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